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With Camaleonicistiko, Aqquarela wanted to taste different Latin and Funk flavors, yet maintaining the edge of Rock. 

In the new EP, the concept of Camaleonicistiko shows different styles of music. As chameleons change colors, Aqquarela changes rhythms.  
Ca-ma-leo-ni-cis-ti-ko is not easy to pronounce but that is the idea. We wanted to make it fun like a tongue twister.

Aqquarela is thankful for having the participation of great musicians and friends. We had the privilege to work with Rana Mansour (vocals), Daniele De Cairo (bass and EP producer), Rey Cuba (
quena flute), and Aaron Copenhaguen (drums, cajon
, and sound engineer).


50% of the proceeds of the sales of this EP or any song will be channeled to Junior Foundation Charities.


Conquista mi Amor



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