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Aqquarela was born in the summer of 2007 - Los Angeles, CA. The band was established by Robert van Deree and Mauricio G. Jasso.  Both founders decided to put their progressive rock influence aside and commence writing Spanish Rock music. After writing a few songs together, Michelle Ojeda (voice) and Christian Lopez (guitar) joined the band.  With their unique skills and style, they quickly captured the sound of Aqquarela.


Throughout the years, Aqquarela has collaborated with various and talented musicians. Presently, Aqquarela consists of Mauricio G. Jasso and Christian Lopez as core members. Our music continues to evolve across time and resides in those who have boundless imagination.



Aqquarela’s vision is to create a bright and colorful sensation for all listeners. 



Aqquarela’s mission is to spread love and sincerity to those we can reach.



Aqquarela means life, light, or simply good energy.



The lyrics highlight memories and stories.  They capture a bit of philosophy or they are inspired by poetry. Music involves rock, pop, jazz, and Latin rhythms.

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